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Wichita Clutch

Wichita Clutch Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes

The heavy-duty clutch and brake division of Altra Industrial Motion consists of Wichita Clutch USA, Wichita Clutch UK and Industrial Clutch USA. Together, this group is the global leader in power transmission for heavy-duty industrial pneumatic and hydraulically actuated clutches and brakes.

With over 120 years of combined experience and knowledge, the Altra Industrial Motion heavy-duty clutch/brake group provides the distributor, OEM’s and users with a wide range of innovative solution derived from out combined product offerings.


Featured Wichita Clutch Products


Wichita wcbAqaMaKKs

wcbAquaMaKKs Brakes

The wcbAM is a new, lightweight version of our popular AquaMaKKs® water-cooled brakes. All water jackets, including the float, center and back plate, are made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight engineered composite material.



AirMakks SSB Brakes

AirMakks SSB Brakes

The AirMaKKs SSB is designed to provide low speed braking assistance in applications including conveyors, cranes and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and E-stop braking functions.


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